Baby Essentials

Inspired by my own daughter, and my experiece in working with newborns and babies of all ages, Baby Essentials is a series of product reviews (some of which have been very kindly sponsored by various Irish shops) which I have broken down into sections. Everything from baby’s nursery, feeding, being out and about, nappies and much more will be covered through the series.

I hope you find some inspiration for you own little one here, and of course if you have any products you’d like to recommend please don’t hesitate to comment or email me on I’d love to hear from you!



Part One – The Nursery

Part Two – Ergo Baby Carrier

Part Three – Cloth Nappies

Part Four – Feeding Baby

Part Five – Cloth Nappies FAQ

Part Six – Best Bottom Cloth nappy review

Part Seven – Hospital bag Essentials

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