Ergo Baby Carrier – Baby Essentials Part 2

I’ve always loved the look of babies been worn by their parents, so snuggley and close like babie should be. When I discovered I as expecting my little one the thought of baby carriers did cross my mind, but I had my doubts for several reasons. What about babies hips? I have a not so great back and shoulder, would I really be able to use the carrier once my little one got to a certain weight? I decided not to go ahead and research carriers, and didn’t really think of them again until wuite a while later when several friends spoke of their great success with carriers, and one in particular; the Ergo baby carrier. Oh boy am I sorry I didn’t research into those baby carriers!

When I decided to start up the Baby Essentials series I contacted several Irish companies looking for sponsorship for product reviews; the first being the wonderful Hip Baby owned and run by Leona. I knew Leona was a user and seller of the Ergo baby carrier and I proposed the idea to her, and thankfully she went for it! For the past 4 weeks or so I’ve had the use of an Ergo carrier supplied by Hip Baby for trial and review. We love it!

The Practicalities. What if I have a heavy baby?

Just to give you some quick stats on my little one and I so you have an idea of weights we’re dealing with etc. My little one has just turned 2 and she weighs 28lbs and is 34.5inches long, she is a tall and skinny girl built like her daddy! I am 112lbs and 5ft4, I’m just shorter than average and of a slim build (though seriously lacking muscle at the moment!). The Ergo can be used in 3 different ways; as a front carrier for newborn and smaller babies (ideally, though my 2yo liked being carried on the front when she was in a grump!), as a back carrier and also as a hip/side carrier. We used both the front and back methods, but I couldn’t work out how to do the straps for the hip carry! As I mentioned above, I don’t have the best of backs and currently have a shoulder and neck injury that can get quite painful just working on it’s on weight, never mind the added weight of my 28lber. The Ergo baby carrier distributes the weight of the baby in such an effective manor that when using it, I could barely feel the weight of my little one. I am very impressed by this, as this was one of my main worries. The longest period of time that we used the Ergo baby carrier was around 1 hour while we hit up the shops in Dundrum Town Centre, little legs had gotten tired from exploring Hamleys and a meltdown was avoided by having the Ergo baby carrier to hand. Saviour!

Hitting it up in Marks and Spencers, Dundrum :)

ergo baby carrier dundrum

My baby’s hips, are Ergo baby carriers safe?

The other area that concerned me about baby carriers was the babies position, and the effect that may ohave on their hips etc. There are a lot of baby carriers out there that are not good for babies hips, and the scary thing is some of these baby carriers are very popular and widely used. The Ergo baby carrier hold baby in a supported anatomically correct sitting position, the best possible way for your baby to be. I’m not really very good at the whole science part, but they have a wonderful section on the official Ergo baby carrier website with a whole list of articles explaining the benefits of baby carrying and how the Ergo baby carrier supports your baby correctly, and can actually even enhance their development! Here’s the link for those articles Ergo Baby-Science, they explain it much better than I ever could!

A real life saver!

Babies of all ages get fussy sometimes, and some more than other. Fussy babies want to be held and cuddled, often leaving parents without any free hands to cook dinner, do laundry, or an endless list of tasks really! I will admit that we are so lucky with our little one in that she doesn’t get fussy very often, and she’s always been like that but she certainly does have her moments (don’t we all!). I found the Ergo baby carrier to be a real life saver when a fussy mood would strike in our house, I’d pop on the Ergo and in she’d hop. She would be happy that’s she’s being held, and she’s also getting to see the world from a higher point of view, something she jsut adores! I can imagine that with a very fussy baby, especially poor little ones with colic or reflux, the Ergo baby carrier is a must have tool. My little one is a great walker, but of course her legs are only little yet, and we do a lot of walking at times. When she gets tired she wants to be carried and she’s not a fan of pushchairs, again this is where the Ergo baby carrier became once again a life saver and toddler meltdown preventer!

Yes, I am in my PJ bottoms and she has her soother out of the cot. It was one of those days!

ergo baby carrier review

So, would you buy one after the trial?

Yes, yes I would. I have been well impressed by the Ergo carrier and I already have the model picked (the adorable Galaxy Grey model found HERE on the Hip Baby site) out that I want when baby number 2 makes their appearance at some point. They start from €105 and come in a range of gorgeous colours and designs, including ones of organic materials. For newborns there is an insert needed to use the Ergo baby carrier safely, but they are not expensive at all starting from €24 and I believe would be 100% worth it for new babies.


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