A day with us – Galway Baby and Family Photographer

My days are very much centred around my little one and her routine. I don’t tend to work when she is up and about, as I love to give her as much attention, love and fun as possible. You may have noticed that email replies from me tend to come around lunchtime or in the evening when Isabel is sleeping! We get up to all sorts of things here from painting, going for walks and Isabel’s absolute favourite, making jigsaws!

Yesterday I was obviously feeling a bit snap-happy and took a huge amount of photos throughout our day. These were all taken on my beloved iPhone, but you know what, it’s just perfect for documenting our day to day lives. Here’s a little snippet of what we got up to yesterday, the first sunny and not to windy day here in the West in a long time!



PS: Some of these were edited using the app Instagram. Have an iPhone? I 100% recommend that you go download this brilliant free app, and you can find me @robertacotterphotog

We started off our day cleaning out mama’s car, you really don’t need to see the mess it was! Then she had a go on her swing :)

galway photographer

Then we had some lunch, and she watched the neighbour cows for a while before naptime.

toddler girl in connemara

After her nap we had a little picnic at the kitchen door. Then she swipped my glasses and ran like the wind!

instagram galway

And because we are so luck to havea gorgeous back garden, especially on a sunny day :)

connemara galway

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